Denys Holovin - Trumpet Teacher

Welcome to Denys Holovin's website, where you can discover the joy of playing the trumpet. Whether you're interested in classical music, jazz, baroque music, or music theory, Denys has the expertise to guide you. With his playful and easy teaching methods, you'll be able to master the trumpet in no time.


Classical Music

Explore the beauty of classical music through the trumpet. Learn to play timeless masterpieces by renowned composers such as Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven. Develop your technique, tone, and musicality in this rich and expressive genre.

person playing trumpet during night time
person playing trumpet during night time

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of jazz trumpet. Discover the art of improvisation, swing rhythms, and soulful melodies. From Louis Armstrong to Miles Davis, learn from the legends and develop your own unique jazz style.

music note on brown piano
music note on brown piano
Music Theory

Enhance your understanding of music with comprehensive music theory lessons. Learn to read sheet music, analyze compositions, and grasp the fundamentals of harmony and rhythm. Develop a solid foundation that will elevate your trumpet playing.

Baroque Music

Experience the elegance and intricacy of baroque music on the trumpet. Dive into the works of composers like Vivaldi, Handel, and Purcell. Learn to navigate ornamentation, trills, and the distinctive style of this period.

Playful Learning

Discover a playful and easy approach to learning the trumpet. Denys has developed innovative teaching methods that make the learning process enjoyable and engaging. Through games, exercises, and creative techniques, you'll progress quickly and have fun along the way.

About Me

I am a trumpet teacher with a passion for music and teaching. With my extensive training and experience, I can help you learn to play the trumpet in a fun and easy way. Whether you're interested in classical music, jazz, baroque music, or music theory, I have the knowledge and expertise to guide you on your musical journey.

I am a professional trumpet player graduated from Conservatorium van Amsterdam.I have 21 years of experience in playing trumpet, and 12 years of teaching experience.

During our lessons I want to help you to achieve your goals and ambitions in music.Based on it I’ll do my best in order to make the most effective program for you.

Price List

30 min lesson - 25 $
1 hour lesson - 35$
1,5 hour private lesson - 45$
1,5 hour group lesson - 50$

Contact Me

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